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setup reoccurring   -  weekly  -  bi-weekly   -  monthly  - one time 


I use safe and eco-friendly cleaning supplies with each quality clean. Customized packages are possible to meet your priorities and expectations. Whether you need your house cleaning service

on a regular basis or just one time, I've got you covered.  

 Classic Cleaning 


wipe down of outside kitchen appliances, kitchen counters, inside microwave

bathroom wipe down 

dry dusting, sweeping of baseboards, vacuum of all floors, 

wipe down of front entrance, pull trash  

*could potentially require a deep clean to begin, an on site visit will confirm

Deep  Cleaning

will rotate details for re-occurring service


detail cleaning of kitchen - front of appliances, microwave (inside and out),

back splash, front of cabinets 

detail cleaning of bathrooms - toilets, basins, baseboards, front of cabinets 

detail damp dusting of frames and knick knacks 

wet wipe baseboards

Bona on hard wood floor surfaces

damp wiping of all switches, window sills

light fixtures, ceiling fans (that are within reach - step ladder required only)

vacuum of all floors, 

wipe down of front entrance, pull trash 


If a space has not been cleaned in 2 + months, a deep clean may be necessary 

A la Carte + Special Projects 

 3 hour minimum 

based on what you need, receive an estimate of how much time it would take

call 720 | 226 | 3558 or email to schedule now!


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