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Memories of childhood vacations conjure up camping trips, snuggling around bonfires,

and hiking through the wonders of nature.  Let this mountain adventure at Creekside Cabins uncover new traditions and create memories for the next generation to come.


Do crafts and projects with your family...see more great ideas!


Put your feet up on the creekside porch and read your favorite book while you listen to the 

sounds of the water and all the hummingbirds.

Play some yard games like washers, beanbag toss, ladder ball, or bad mitten.

 Have a creek ball race with your family...find colored balls that you can

drop at one bridge and race them down creek!   


​Flake out with some popcorn and a favorite drink while you watch your favorite movie.


​Open the windows, listen to the creek, and bake some cookies, mmmmm!

Sit on the front porch with a cup of coffee and visit.


Walk the property's trails and plop down somewhere to relax and take in the views. 


Play camp or town or dress the trunks of gear and supplies and let your imagination run!


Play blue monkeys...many variations with this game...but you can hide them inside or outside and divide into teams and hunt them down...we also take this one on the road and will play on the trails or downtown

Estes near all the shops.  See “In Estes” for those rules.

Sleep in.

One of our favorite guests enjoys sitting in the rocking chair by the fireplace and sipping hot chocolate.  This seemed pretty smart, so we also enjoy this activity. 

Play puzzles, or yatzee or cards or chutes and ladders or bingo orrrr...there are many.


Animal track...very fun in the winter!


Remember your special vacation time together at your cabin near Lyons and Estes Park Colorado,

see more ideas to make those memories last.

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